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For psychological and neurological equilibrium

The aim of the method is to fully restore the activity of the nervous system by efficiently optimizing its long term function.  


This scientific method has been approved and officially authorized by the French State Ministry for Family and Health. 




- Bebavior difficulties

- Learning difficulties

- Dyslexia 

- Timidity ...



- Anxiety

- Depression

- Chronic fatigue   

- Concentration problems

- Digestive problems ...



- Memory problems

- Sleep problems

- Loss and deterioration of hearing and vision

- Circulatory problems ...

A  visual  gymnastics


The eye is an extension of the brain. It is  a very precise

and truthful indicator of nervous activity, especially of the centers regulating  automatic functions, including the psyche.


This is why the Quertant ®  Method uses optical applications and visual tests.




1  - The examination as a means of detection



This consists of showing the patient a series of test-pictures whose purpose is to cause a reflex  reaction within the nervous system. An impaired vision of these test-pictures yields information about the kind of disorder in the nervous system, known as the   «  rate of nerve sensitivity », and its consequences.


The associated disorders get assessed on six levels : the sensory, muscular, physiological, hormonal, psychic and cognitive levels.



Hormonal Glands




2 - The re-education



The Quertant ® Method is a real form of neurological science, adapted to every person according to the results of the tests. The purpose of which is to present the nervous system with a training process aimed at re-establishing innate automatisms.


A correct perception of the picture requires a very precise control of the eye movements, and ,  what is more, a nervous system that functions perfectly.


The sessions last 30 minutes each and gradually the identified disorders of the nervous system vanish. In the everyday life of the person  the symptoms gradually disappear, allowing the return to an overall and mainly long lasting equilibrium.

Correct vision of the test


Balanced nervous system

Distorted vision of the test


Over-reacting nervous system

Distorted vision of the test


Low-reacting nervous system

How does the Quertant ® Method work? 


  • It deconditions patients on a nervous and emotional level, bringing about reactions which are more adapted to reality.


  • It regulates organic activity, in particular digestive activity, the hormonal and immune system, as well as coordination.


  • It enables the individual to improve their abilities to concentrate, memorize, analyse, perceive and judge.


  • It helps increase vitality and contributes to  more serene living.



      «  This method should actually be called « Nervous Training » rather than « Therapy » ;

           by giving the nervous system the ways and means to create, to stabilize and to maintain 

           its equilibrium, it can enable one to achieve and maintain good physical health. »


                                                  Marguerite Quertant



       «  It would be very desirable, in these times of nervous fatigue, should this brain-training

           find the importance it deserves among the methods used to re-educate physical 

           and mental functions. »

                                                  Dr. Paul Chauchard


Georges QUERTANT (1894 - 1964) 










« A bright intelligence » 

Dr. J. Marchal, Member of the board of directors of the CNRS*

Georges Quertant was an insatiable researcher. As early as his childhood, the famous writer Jules Vernes**  detected in Quertant the scientist he would become. He was a music teacher and a conductor. He was a precursor in techniques called « electro-encephalogramme », EEG and « neuro-biomécanique ».


Inspired by the works of the famous biologist Claude Bernard, he devoted most of his life to research and to the development of the « Neuro – Somato – Psycho - Science », which is the root of the Psycho – Sensory – Culture  PSC, in French : Culture Psycho-Sensorielle, CPS.


His work brought him honours and distinctions in the medical, scientific and educational worlds. He was awarded the title of « Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur », Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, from the French Ministry for Education for the creation of the SPC/CPS.


Children and teenagers with problems were his first concern, as well as the rehabilitation of prisoners and deportees. Georges  Quertant has left  a large amount of research and we are committed to making it accessible to all.



                        * CNRS : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique / French National Center for Scientific Research

                       **Jules Vernes, author of « 1000 Leagues Under the Sea » and « Around the World in 80 Days »


Your practitioner's view on the method

«  Thanks to the Quertant Method, once the foundations were laid, my everyday life definitely became stable, my mood balanced and my energy high. I felt more stamina and strength  in bad times. More serenity and confidence have replaced  doubt. I again feel pleasantly in tune like a music instrument !


As I became a practitioner, I noticed, as the years passed, the astonishing benefits of the Quertant Method. This confirmed my choice of this unique and particular approach which has helped everybody find their way back to an equilibrium, going in fact beyond the reasons which had led them to my practice. And concerning the children I have accompanied, and their parents, unexpected changes have occurred. They haven ridden themselves of anxiety caused by their helplessness or the difficulties they have faced – especially with the schooling of the children- afraid as they were of failure or a feeling of guilt » 





Practitionners approved by the SCP CPS QUERTANT 



Dominique Gentilhomme                                                 Fernand Kelhetter

61 avenue de Colmar  F- 67100 Strasbourg                  21 avenue Roger Salengro F- 68100 Mulhouse

Ph : 00 33 3 88 55 65 11                                                    Ph : 00 33 3 89 42 88 65                  




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